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My boyfriend was making our daily salads to take to work. He had found a delicious looking recipe that called for baby spinach.

He went to our local Giant grocery store and purchased 2 bags of Giant brand Premium Salad Baby Spinach. He asked me if he needed to wash the spinach before making the salad and I told him to read what the bag said. It said Triple Washed- All Natural- No Preservatives. So we figured it would be find to just dump the bag in a couple containers for the salads.

The next day at work I was enjoying this delicious salad. I JUMPED out of my chair when I noticed a horrific insect with a head, antennas and outstretched arms that had been mixed in with my spinach.

I I had to take a picture of this insect in my salad. Horrific- I don't think I'll be able to eat spinach again.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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OK, here's the thing: Yes the OP should have washed the food first. Simple mistake that I'm sure they won't make again.

And yes, it's "just a bug" which can appear in any garden vegetable. I get that. But what about broken glass? Is that acceptable?

How about pineneedles? Some human hair perhaps? I've personally had many problems w/this company's quality control. The prices at Stop & Shop are always a bit lower than another market near me, especially during a sale.

But I've come to wonder exactly WHY are they less expensive?

There has to be a reason they can be so competitive and still make a decent profit, and based on my experience I believe it's cost-cutting in many areas, especially quality control and purchasing "B-grade"/factory-second products (..I found a bug in a NAME BRAND coffee bought there, and other products). I'm going to stay away from them from now on.

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #965266


Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #865427

As long as salad greens are grown outside in the dirt you run the risk of a bug. *** get over it people.

It is a bug. It won't kill you.


Sorry to read people are saying "get over it" - unbelievable!!!! They would not be saying that if they found a bug staring at them in their salad.

Online people are so rude these days, its really amazing. They would never say the things they say online to people in person. The internet is really turning our society into a lot of rude people who do not think they need manners. It's very sad.

I found two pine needles in my spinach today.

"Triple Washed" should take out insects and pine needles. This stuff is about twice the price of non organic lettuce, they can afford to remove things like bugs and pine needles. I'm writing them a letter and publishing all of this on my blog.

I will NEVER buy food from this company again. Unfortunately they are one of the only organic brands in my grocery store.

*** I'm going to just start growing my own. These organic companies are ripping off the public.

to anonymous Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden #865428

Growing your own means you will get your own bugs from your own garden for free....who the *** you going to complain to or blame then?????????

to anonymous #990363

As long as you want your farmers product cheap, look it over. Just because its in a bag doesn't make it perfect.

Leesburg, Virginia, United States #790044

I've never seen packaged vegetables that guaranteed the absence of bugs. When you buy vegetables in a bag or container, there is always the risk there will be bugs included.

to melissa #790051

The FDA permits a certain degree of insects, such as worms or aphids, so long as their presence doesn't compromise the aesthetic quality of the food. This grasshopper was huge. You probably can't tell in the picture but I am sure I would of notice a change of flavor with the crunch.

North Adams, Massachusetts, United States #777309

"So we figured it would be find to just dump the bag in a couple containers for the salads." LOL classic

to tommander #790052
Horrible spelling of mine.. It was honestly the first time I've ever not wash my bagged veggies.

Never again! :p
Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia #777085

Good lord, get over it... It's a salad.

Insects need food, as well as you do. And this insect was just in an inappropriate place.

to JohnS0N #790049
Get over it? Thanks for the informative reply about insects needing food.

Just cause it doesn't bother you in Maribor doesn't mean that I am okay with it. :x
to lbabydoll Coram, New York, United States #825510


This is a partial pic of a spinach field. How many bugs do you think live in this field?

Probably millions, and you gotta complain about 1 bug found in a bag. Please...find a hobby. You have to much time on your hands to post this nonesense online.

Here's one to think about...how many you thin you have eaten and not noticed? I guarantee more then you would like to believe.

to Think People #828520

and again I say to yet another rude and uncaring online person: please....learn to be kind online instead of hiding behind a computer to be rude and uncaring to people. I bet if you had a bug staring you in the face in your salad, or even worse, a piece of glass (which has been reported), that you would not be such an uncaring person.

Learn some online manners and kindness! Practice the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have done unto you.

to JohnS0N #828519

Just another example of online rudeness. You would never say this to a person's face.

So I say to you, "Get some manners!" If someone said they found a piece of glass in this brand's lettuce (which has been reported), would you tell them to just "get over it"? What an ***.

People like you should be banned from posting on the internet. Get some manners and learn online kindness instead of hiding behind a computer to be rude and uncaring to people.

to Anonymous Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #902765

Hmmm... must be a screaming liberal democrat complaining about manners !!!

But you find nothing impolite about trying to slander a store's reputation over a *** little bug, that YOU were too lazy to wash out !

to Anonymous #902767

This is not a political post so just stop it. You are making yourself look like a fool.

If you haven't noticed this WHOLE website is about people who are pissed customers.

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